Changing Directions

Posted: August 8, 2010 in Site Stuff

I just returned home from a 2 week vacation with my family, it was a great experience, I got to eat amazing foods, relax with family, and in general enjoy life. I managed to stay unplugged for most of the time. Getting back I looked at my schedule and I realized that it’s about go get incredibly busy, extremely fast. On the 16th, in just a short week, I’ll be leaving again for research, returning only a day before school starts. This Thursday, the 12th, I’ll be on the Doctor Anonymous Radio Show at 8 PM Eastern time, not to mention that I have to write a couple of guest posts.

Once school starts, no doubt my schedule will get busier, participating in student research, serving as president of our chapter of the American Medical Students Association, and as a Teachers’ Assistant are all time-consuming activities. My course load for this next semester is also the hardest I’ve had so far in my career (I’ll put it at the bottom of this post). I’m also planning on taking my MCAT this January, after I returned yesterday, I thought carefully, and I’ve decided to heavily tone down my internet and social media presence. After I finish my appearance on the Dr.A show, and these last few guest posts, I will not be doing anymore live UStream shows or guest posts until February at the earliest. I will also heavily cut down my twitter usage, I may only tweet a couple of times a week, and you may have to wait a couple of days to hear a response. It hurts me to have to do this and cut out one of the things I love to do, but at the end of the day one must have proper priorities, and unfortunately my priorities do not involve me being on twitter and facebook as often as I have been in the past.

I will continue to write regular posts for Pre-Med Hell which is the reason I will not be accepting requests for guest posts; as writing those posts takes a decent amount of time, and I’m not willing to devote more time than that for writing at this point.

Fall 2010 Schedule
BIOL-340 : Cell Biology
BCHM-361 : Big Boy Biochem
BCHM-362 : Protein Lab
BIOL-258 : Human Physio
HUMN-230 : Baptism of Europe

Biophysics Research
President- American Medical Students Association (Benedictine Chapter)
Member- American Chemical Society/Society of Physics Students
Teachers’ Assistant – Organic Chemistry I Lab for Chemistry and Biochemistry Majors
Teachers’ Assistant – General Chemistry I Lab

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