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Posted: January 30, 2010 in Random, School, Site Stuff


Needless to say I am trying to get an A in organic chemistry this semester, which means studying a LOT. I’ve decided to set up a PBwiki for all of my notes, in every class. This way I can have all of my notes in an uniform standardized format. The benefit to this is that I am now able to log into my wiki and read my notes whenever I am free, and I don’t have to waste time looking for something specific. The way they are organized depends on the class; for instance in my organic chemistry class we have about 2 quizzes between each exam, so my notes are organized Q1, Q2, E1, Q3, Q4, E2, Q5, Q6, E3, Q7, Q8, F. This way I can continually reinforce concepts in my mind throughout the day.

Another tip that I have found to be helpful is to review my notes after every class, and then review them again before the next class. All in all, I try to review my notes about 3 times between each class. This way by the time the exam rolls around I will have memorized a good chunk of my notes.


Life has been good, I have been keeping on track for my goals for this year. I just celebrated my birthday a few days ago. I have been working on growing my personal brand, as well as my other two brands, StudentEats and Pre-Med Hell. Also I have been working pretty hard to get our AMSA 5k set to go. We are probably as the AMSA board going to the AMSA national convention in Anahiem in March.


I’m not going to lie its been hard to keep up with all my blogging since school started, I have been writing fairly long posts for my other blog “Pre-Med Hell” and trying to grow that. If your interested in writing for PMH let me know. I am also trying to keep up with Project 52, and so far so good I think I have managed a new post every week since the year started.

Any ways I thought I would throw out a quick update for you guys, and get back to studying for orgo. I promise a more meaningful and longer post next week, if you have any suggestions leave me a comment, I would love to read them.

-Signing off M.A.

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